Conspiracy_photo_Julien Bam

Photo: Julien Bam

Mute Comp. Physical Theatre, Dansehallerne d. 23. marts – 4. april 2013.

THE CONSPIRACY OF SPRING is a touching, fast-paced and life-affirming performance asking the question: What do we do with the time we are given? It is inspired by extreme sports and by the drive, fearlessness and determination of adrenaline junkies. With the choreographers´ own deep fear of death and immense joy of life as a driving force, the performance examines death as a taboo in our society and takes a closer look at what modern man does to really feel alive in his futile race against time.

CONCEPT AND CHOREOGRAPHY: Mute Comp. Physical Theatre / Kasper Ravnhøj in cooperation with the cast. DANCE: Andreas “ANDY LONG” Nguyen, Hannes Pastor, Stina Malmgren and Raphaël Ferdinand Eder Kastling. COMPOSITION AND LIVE MUSIC: Henriette Groth. SET DESIGN: Johan Kølkjær. LIGHT DESIGN: Michael Breiner. SOUND DESIGN: Jonas Jørgensen. DRAMATURGE: Anne Hübertz Brekne. COSTUMES: Johan Kølkjær and Sophie Bellin.


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